Kashan C.1930 135 x 206 cm



This rug is called Kashan. this is classed as a city rug. a city rug is a rug woven in a city. Kashan at the time production of this rug was a small town a province of state of Esfahan, the old capital of Persia, Iran. there are two weaving centers in Iran. one is Tabriz the center of Turkish knot weave. otherwise known as double knot weave. the Persian capital weaves only single knot or Persian knot. this rug proves to be a genuine Kashan. this rug has been produced around the time of first world war. the reason for this is that the Red is the expensive color Kermes or crimson which is a bug found on oak tree in Iran. the blue is the expensive indigo from India and the yellow is found in the plants in Iran. this color are not used commonly after the second world war because chemical dyes replaced the plants dyes completely. the other feature of this rug is that it has an aged touch on the back of the rug that can not be manufactured by sun bleaching or heavy usage. the size this rug is 135 x 206 cm. This rug is appraised to be around Au$300K.