What is a good rug?



That’s a good question.

Have you ever bought something and wished you had not. The quality is not good, it looks tired already, it doesn’t really do the job, on and on you regret that purchase, we all do this.

A good purchase isn’t about spending more however a little research and good advice goes a long way.

Ask yourself why you want a rug? Do you want warmth? Decoration? A soft landing for kids? A place to lounge? Something to impress? What size rug do you want? Large room rug? Small rug? Kids rug? One for the work place? Kitchen rug? Yoga rug? A rug to hang?

Do you want wool pile? Why do you want wool? What about some silk in the pile? Synthetic? Do you have a budget? Do you want a tough rug for high traffic? A delicate rug for the ‘good’ room? Do you want a hand-made rug or a machine-made rug?

What size do you want? How flexible are you with the dimensions? Do you want lots of colour? Warm or cool colours? Do you want a simple rug of one or two colours?

Rugs can add texture, colour and personality to your room. Big bold tribal rugs or more sophisticated, traditional rugs of delicate, floral symmetry. Highly colourful Persian rugs or Afghan rugs with extensive border designs and overall patterns can blend beautifully with many decorative interiors. Do you want a strong central medallion or a field of colour?

Empress imports and sells hand-made rugs from Iran (Persian rugs), form Afghanistan and from Indian and Nepal. Empress Rugs sells machine-made rugs from Turkey and China mostly. Empress Rug Warehouse has a huge variety of rugs in Sydney and Melbourne, plus we ship anywhere.

A good rug, look at the knots, how they are tied and how dense they are? Look at the materials used, is it natural or synthetic? How fine is the fibre? How long are the fibres? Do you know that fine and good quality are different? How long will it last and how old is it? What are the colours? Are the dyes natural or synthetic? which is better and why? Look at the rug, is it pleasing and is it a good product? Are the design elements balanced and positioned correctly? Does it suit your room? Is it authentic or a copy but much better quality than the original weavers can produce? Read more on choosing quality here.

Get some advice, keep an open mind but have a result ‘goal’ to work towards be it modern rugs, new rugs, antique rugs, kilims, fine Isfahan rugs, simple Shiraz rugs, rich red Tekke rugs, natural dyes of the Chube rugs, cheap rugs and expensive signed designer rugs.

Start your interior with the rug and work visually from the floor up. Redecorate with the rug in mind and choose colours for paint and soft furnishings to work with it.

Trade-in your rugs. One of the great features of rugs is that you can move them around the house; the kitchen rug might become the bathroom rug or the bedroom rug looks nice now in the study. If that does not work then you can trade-in hand-made rugs and buy ones that fit the new space or the new decoration scheme. Upsize, change colour or turn one into two, consult with us on your options. Whether you purchased form us or elsewhere a trade-in is worth considering.

Cleaning rugs and repairing rugs. Empress Rugs can clean and repair all types of rugs. We will quote and we can do various levels of clean and different types of repair. Call us or better still drop in to see us and bring your rug if possible. Empress can, for a fee, collect rugs and deliver back to you please call one of our stores to discuss this option. Melbourne 03 9833 0099 – Sydney 02 9555 9095.

A good rug is . . . well it is many things, the answer depends somewhat on you. For information on hand-made rugs please click here. For all types of rugs Empress Rug Warehouse has many, many very good ones, come see the perfect rug for you. Start your rug search at this site or visit our store at 362-366 Lygon St, Brunswick East Melbourne 3057 or at 32 Victoria Rd, Rozelle Sydney 2039.






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