When I Began My Rug Collection

Empress Rug Warehouse sources and imports hand-made and machine-made rugs from many different countries. Our rug collection includes traditional designs and contemporary rugs, and we are always looking for unusual and interesting rugs and runners.

Our very first shipment to Australia was 20 years ago after a seek-and-find trip to Iran, my country of birth.

I met with many tribal and urban weavers and drank a lot of tea! Or chai as tea is called in Iran. This trip was very interesting and enlightening for me. Iran is a multicultural country and I discovered a lot about the people and the weavings.

I travelled into the tribal FullSizeRenderareas of the Bahktiars and bought the rugs directly from the weavers – women and men who have been doing this trade for many, many generations. The Bahktiar people grow their own wool and they wash, spin, dye and weave it into their unque designs. Hard-wearing and timeless, these floral rugs are passed down from one generation to the next.

New and old Bahktiar rugs are highly sought after in the west. The designs are very popular and form an imporant part of our rug collection. Empress stocks many of these Iranian rugs and many other tribal and city designs, we are happy to show you our goods, drop by soon.

Once my buying was done, I excitedly brought my rugs to Australia and set up shop. I hoped that people from my new country would like them just as much as they do in my homeland.

After learning about the colours and styles that most interested Melbournites, I adjusted what the rugs I added to my collection next time to suit local tastes.

I bought old and new rugs, Afghan rugs, large rugs and small rugs, as well as very fine rugs made with 100% silk and silk and very fine wool, plus I bought the great tribal rugs with their bold, energetic designs and robust colours.

Getting the first shipment to our new store in Brunswick St in Fitzroy, Melbourne was one of the greatest moments. Since that day we have sold many rugs and had many more shipments.

Over the last 20 years we have had numerous shops around Melbourne and many in Sydney, selling rugs to people all around Australia. Now Empress Rug Warehouse has two large warehouses, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, retailing seven days a week. Our customers can also shop our amazing rug collection online and have it shipped anywhere in the world.

The Empress Empire is vast. Come and see our rug collection.

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